Facebook Announces Native Support for 360 Images

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downloadMany of you probably noticed Facebook exploded last week with countless posts of 360 images (spherical panoramics) on user’s timelines.  This was all the direct result of Facebook’s CEO’s announcement on his own page that Facebook had begun supporting these immersive images.  As a panoramic photographer, my first thought was “well, it’s about time.” .

Many of you already use Facebook as yet another media outlet to reach your customer base.  Some of you even pay for FB’s “boosting” of posts, in the hope of reaching even more people.  Some of the more clever, and quicker, users quickly recognized that there was an opportunity here to use interactive 360 images to help those ads stand out in a crowd.  I’m sure Google noticed it too, and probably isn’t happy about what this might mean for their Adwords revenue stream.

You see, while it’s true that Google virtually owns Search, Facebook is quickly catching up on advertising.  Many creative small businesses have already begun putting together posts of carefully targeted posts that contain content aimed at their user base.  For instance, an outdoor camping supply house posted their room full of kayaks, for visitor to visit and “spin around” seeing the entire display.  A wedding dress and accessory shop did a similar spin of displays of wedding dresses and accessories.  Targeted advertising, directly from Facebook, and probably at a fraction of the cost of a Google AdWords campaign.

Just something to think about. If you’d like to have some single “spheres” of displays to post, or even use one of the ones you already have, please contact me.  I’ll be happy to help you with either. You can find some sample on the Shoreline Pixels’ Facebook page also.

Here’s the FB announcement from “Zuck.

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