Reach Your Customers on Facebook

bellaPerlina Jewelry | 360 photo by Shoreline Pixels
Click the image to see the original 360.

Do you use Facebook?  Of course you do. While nobody uses Facebook to search for goods and services,
Facebook’s enviable reach is giving Google Ads stiff competition. Shoreline Pixels can help you come up with imaging to include in your Facebook posts.

Most people simply post images directly from the their cellphones. Convenient, but probably not the quality you’d really like to have. Let us help you stock up on quality images of merchandise that you can use to post onto Facebook.

Domestic Possessions (Madison, CT) 360 photo by Shoreline Pixels
Click the image to see the original 360.

Better yet, why use a regular photo?  Did you know Facebook announced native support for 360 panoramic images in May of this year?  Since then Facebook has exploded with these immersive images that can be viewed directly in Facebook from your computer, phone, or tablet. The views for these 360 images are quite a bit higher than regular images. It’s not unusual to see views on a magnitude of 10-20x those of regular images.  The world isn’t flat, why should your images be?

Please contact us, if you’d like to give this a try.  Not at all expensive and a wonderful way to take advantage of Facebook’s powerful ability to reach potential clients, at a fraction of the cost of a full ad campaign — they’re already your “friends” after all!

Check out Shoreline Pixels’ Facebook page for lots more examples of 360 virtual images.