Google Street View Virtual Tours

Google Street View – Trusted Photographer

trusted-photographer1Shoreline Pixels specializes in Google Street View Virtual Tours.  As one of the few Google Trusted Photographers in the State of Connecticut, we’ve worked hard to earn, and maintain certification within this exacting program.  You can count on high resolution, professional imaging.

Google’s Street View program will be instantly recognizable to anybody who’s used the Street View option found on Google Maps.  Suddenly, instead of staring at a street map, you find yourself viewing actual images of the business store fronts, residential houses, outside imagery of familiar landmarks.  They’ve become an increasingly popular function of Google Maps.  Viewers depend upon Street View to validate their location, or to seek new locations.

Google didn’t stop there, of course.  Google’s Street View Photography team developed a program built around a network of professional photographers world-wide, in obtained high-quality images that would augment your Google Search on Google Maps.  In addition to being able to “drill-down” and see a photographic image of almost any location in the world, you now have the ability to actually view the interior of business locations.  These “Virtual Tours” allow visitors to “see inside”, and take a virtual walk-through of these business online, without ever leaving their desktop computer, or from any mobile device (cell phone, tablet, etc).  It’s an amazing technology leap, and just on the forefront of another rapidly evolving technology known as Virtual Reality, or VR for short.

Why choose a Google Street View Trusted Photographer?  Well, all virtual tours are not created equally.  Choosing a trained pro will ensure the quality your store or business deserves.

Virtual Tours of Your Business

These are beautifully rendered, high resolution interactive tours that permit the online visitor to virtually walk through your place of business. Imagine the popular Google “Street View,” but for the inside of your business instead of the street.  Scroll down to see a sample tour of Moxie Bar in Madison.

Give Them the Confidence That They’re seeking

Choosing the right restaurant, cafe or hotel is often a complicated decision. Build consumer trust in your business with a high–quality, third–party–produced virtual tour that lets people experience your location before they arrive. These immersive, virtual experiences inspire greater confidence among prospective guests and patrons.

Virtual Tours will Double your chance to win customers

google-info1aThose who view listings with virtual tours embedded are twice as likely to be interested in booking a reservation there.  And among 18-34 year olds in particular, prospects are 130% more likely to book based on a tour.

There’s simply no denying Google’s dominance in Search.
When searching for Restaurants and Hotels online 62% of people use Google Search


What is Google Street View – Trusted?

Google Street View – Trusted is a premium quality, 360-degree interactive virtual tour of your business powered by Street View technology. Google Street View is an extension of Google Maps’ Street View and connects directly to Street View on Google Maps.

Visit Madison’s Moxie Bar, a new favorite along the Shoreline, located right in downtown Madison. Comfort food, craft beers, and old school cocktails. Click on the image below, or use the link in the upper right corner to view on a full screen.

Moxie Bar, Madison, CT