Is Your Business Website Working for You?

Is your current site out of date?  How does it look on mobile devices (cell phones, tablets, etc.)?  Is your business up on Google Maps and Google My Business?  Can you be found via Google’s incredible Search engine?

These are just some of the critical questions every business owner should be able to answer immediately. And they’re just the tip of the iceberg. The internet is the most powerful game-changer of our generation. You’ve got to make it work for you — not the reverse.

Don’t despair. We can help. Unfortunately, there are many, many website vendors who recognize the fact that there’s often profit in confusion. There are just as many vendors claiming expertise in the technologies that make up Website development. Shoreline Pixels does not claim to be an expert in all of the esoteric things that make up top-notch website design. Instead, we’ve chosen to establish carefully selected partnerships with businesses who have proven excellence in the required fields.

We’re good at a lot of things, but we’re also quick to recognize that we’re not great at everything. Good website design is made up of many things that are not necessarily self-evident. A good software coder does not necessarily make a good graphics designer.  A good graphics designer might not be a good choice for content writing and editing. A good blogger might not know anything about SEO. And so on. Just because somebody has spent many years in NYC advertising, does not mean they have a clue as to what drives a small business. There are a lot of moving parts and the parts need to fit together.

As Google-trained Small Business Ambassadors, we’ve conducted numerous seminars aimed at helping small businesses get their businesses online. A startling number of businesses still don’t have an online presence, yet almost all of them are quick to recognize the power of Google’s Search engine. It’s safe to say that a good online identity helps keep the business relevant within any industry.

Some of the primary considerations/requirements:

  • Current web design
  • Graphics
  • Digital imaging
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • E-commerce
  • Ad campaigns (Google, Facebook, etc.  Please don’t try to manage a Google Adwords campaign yourself)
  • Web hosting considerations
  • Online marketing and best practices in customer retention
  • Social media options

Shoreline Pixels’ business philosophy

Our service offering are aimed at helping businesses become as self-sustaining as they can be.  A completed website design means that at the end of the site’s development the business owner is armed with the tools required to maintain and update that site — without our help. Should you need our help, we’re a phone call away. If you decide to take the relationship a step further to make sure we’re not only always available, but that your site and your action plans receive continuous monitoring, performance assessment, and updates, we offer subscription plans that effectively make Shoreline Pixels a part of your team.

Don’t get locked into false claims or programs intentionally designed to handcuff your business to proprietary software or hosting plans. Make sure the decision as to whether or not to continue a working relationship with your development partner is without penalty should you decide you’re ready to fly on your own.