Klug Family – Testimonial

Kassay Family-Testimonial

“Peter spent an afternoon at the beach with us and two of our dogs during a wonderful photo shoot. He is patient, diligent and has an expert eye for lighting and composition.  We now have a wonderful series of action pictures, up-close doggie faces and lovely shots that worked with the sand and sea as a backdrop. We will cherish these pictures for a long, long time.  We highly recommend him for any photo needs you may have." Jamie & Steve Kassay Madison, CT

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The Dancers Studio (TDS), Northford CT

A big thank you to Peter Sikes of Shoreline Pixels for adding his incredible photos and videos to our 2021 student revue. Peter's attention to detail is to be commended, and his friendly manner with both our staff and students was greatly appreciated. His ability and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty is a testament to his outstanding work ethic, and the final collection of photos and videos was superb. Thank you Peter Sikes…we look forward to being able to work with you in the future. Sharon DiCrosta Artistic Director, The Dancer's Studio

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Canal Crossings – Hamden, CT

Peter Sikes of Shoreline Pixels has partnered with us for a couple of years at Canal Crossing at Whitneyville West, a multifamily development in Hamden. We recently hired him to create virtual tours of our various floor plans as well as our Clubhouse and outdoor amenities.  Peter is friendly, flexible, and has the skills to create a beautiful virtual tour experience. These tours are extremely helpful for us to send to our prospects who are unable to see the property in person. He has worked directly with our web developers to get our latest tours up on the website quickly. I highly recommend Peter for all your virtual tour needs. Lauren Tagliatela Chief Community Officer, Franklin Communites

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Nissha Medical Technologies

I would like to give huge kudos to Peter Sikes and Shoreline Pixels in the production of a Virtual Tour of my company’s large manufacturing innovation center. In the difficult times of 2020 restrictions, a lack of customer visits to our site was absolutely debilitating. Contacting Peter and coming to understand his past work and abilities on virtual tours were the selling point for a joint venture. From start to finish, Peter was very accommodating in understanding our unique approach to a tour and helping us showcase the absolute best face of our facility. His foresight into what and how my team needed to prepare for the shoots to go as seamlessly as possible were also a huge help in tailoring how we wanted to present our Company. I’d also like to point out not to be daunted by a lack of knowledge on the production side; Peter is exceptional at helping you translate you vision into reality. The product is very user friendly for all levels of software expertise. Customer “walk-throughs” have gone flawlessly, and we’ve been given compliment after compliment on the end result. The finished product will speak for itself! Amy Jeary Market Development Manager, Nissha Medical Technologies

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High School in the Community -New Haven

Shoreline Pixels has created a fascinating virtual tour for our high school.  The quality of the images has highlighted our school marketing and website.  Peter is extremely knowledgeable and willing to help with the process when creating a virtual tour. Our school is impressed with the quality of work that Shoreline Pixels have provided. See our School here: http://www.shorelinepixels.com/virtualtours/HSOC/index.html Rosalyn Diaz-Ortiz High School in the Community, New Haven, CT

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All Virtual Tours are not created equal. 360 cameras vs Professional DSLR’s

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The recent advances in 360 cameras has unleashed a wave of 360 images all across the internet.  Facebook supports these images natively.  They're so easy to do, and can be quickly used to post 360 images online in just minutes.  The 360 cameras have come a long way.  They're simple enough, and quick enough that almost anybody can hold one up and walk away with a really cool 360 image.  I have several and often use the Ricoh Theta S for quick prospecting of promising locations.  Sometimes I'll build a a virtual tour for a client, so that they can get a feel for what a Virtual Tour of their business will look like. Should you use them for your business?  Well, the short answer is no.  If you've spent hours on designing and developing your workspace environment, you want to showcase it in the best possible way.  Unfortunately, the little 360 cameras just don't compare to the real thing.  An image done with a professional camera has much higher resolution, and has the added advantage of having a pro behind the lens.  The lens difference is hugely significant, and yet is still only half the equation.  Processing a 360 image, and then moderating multiple 360 image into a full-blown "Virtual Tour" is hard.  It's a skill that isn't learned either quickly, or easily. By way of example, take a look at the samples found in the image below. (You can click on the square icon at the upper right to bring the image to a full screen)  Both images are taken from approximately the same spot at Madison Optical in Madison's showroom.  They were taken a few weeks apart, so they're not identical, but will serve for this purpose. You can flip back and forth between the two images,…

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Can I shoot a 360-Panoramic with my iPhone?

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I've only recently been asked this question.  The client is amazed by the quality of their iphone's (or any other cell phone) camera.  They'll save some money, and do it themselves. Yes, you can! You can also hammer nails with the heel of your shoe.  Professional results demand professional methods.  Take a close look at the lens of a standard cell phone camera, and then compare it with the lens of a professional camera.  And that's just the part that's visible!  The camera's digital sensor is the chipset inside the camera that makes sense of the image pouring through the lens for processing into a digital image.  The more information (pixels) that are available for processing, the sharper, clearer the image. Move this process over to a full, spherical 360 image, and you've just moved to different level.  A typical Panoramic image is made up of between 12-20 24 megapixel images, shot in all four compass directions, and also at three different exposure values (called HDR).  These images are first blended together from the three different exposures, into a single compass direction, and then the four compass directions are "stitched" into a panoramic.  Each step is painstakingly monitored and calibrated along the way to ensure a top quality final result.  There should be no ugly lines (stitching errors) where the four directional images are merged.  There should be no wild variances in light or tonal balance as the viewer scrolls around the image.  It's an art that takes a great deal of practice to learn, and the learning never stops.  Once all the images are finally compiled, the separate, full panoramics must be arranged into a "virtual tour" that allows the viewer to "walk" between the images, just as if they were visiting that particular location. Step up again a…

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Christmas Tree on the Town Green – Madison CT

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The Shoreline town of Madison held the annual Christmas Tree lighting this weekend.  This marks the real start of the Christmas Season for the town.  The many small shops provide a slice of small town Americana.  You won't find any "big box" stores along Madison's Main Street. The shops are are small businesses, often run by the owner/proprietor.  The entire Main Street area has been freshly re-designed with new sidewalks and lighting.  Boutiques, Cafes, Restaurants, a Movie Theatre, and a bookstore regularly recognized as one of the best in America all await.  Here's an image of this year's Christmas tree, flanked by the US and Madison Town Flags.  Look carefully overhead and you'll find a Crescent Moon along with Venus in the early night sky.  

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Hello, Google Calling? NOT!!!

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Have you ever been on the receiving end of a telephone call, usually from a phone number you do not recognize, but you answered anyway?  Immediately, you're met with either an obnoxious recording, or worse, a real person.  The message is the same:  "Hello, you need to verify your listing on Google.."   Hang up.   That's right.  It's not Google. Google is about as likely to call, as Ed McMahon is to ring your doorbell and announce you've won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.  That is to say, neither are going to call  (Ed's been dead since 2009, so that's problem).  Google simply does not make these calls. A popular scam is known as "Phishing".  This is the practice of somebody trying to get information from you that they can exploit.  Phone number, credit card, account numbers, etc.  Sometimes these calls are relatively harmless, but often they are not.  If in doubt, just hang up. Shoreline Pixels is an approved Google City Partner.  We have the ability "verify" ownership of a businesses Google My business page, using an exclusive phone app designed just for this purpose. "Verification" means simply that you take a moment to prove that you are indeed who you say you are.  Your verified listing on Google carries that much more weight with the Search engine.  Google periodically removes business listing that haven't been verified, so it's important that a business owner take the time to make sure their business listing is verified.  It's just that these nuisance calls are not the way to accomplish this. If you're still need a helping hand, don't hesitate to reach out to us.  You can leave us note on our Contact Page and we'll be happy to help.  No obligation required.  We want to see you succeed.  

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